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Legaspi Market

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legaspi market

It’s always good to start the week right by having a leisurely walk in a place that is an eclectic collection of good food, unique products and friendly faces. That’s exactly what Legaspi Sunday Flea Market is all about. Organized by Barangay San Lorenzo Makati, it started in 2005 and is located in Legaspi Village, at the parking lot across Union Church.

It’s quite an experience going around the market because it is a feast for the senses. First off, you will be greeted by the live music. Then of course, there’s the food, which they have a wide selection of. Filipino regional favorites like Kampampangan food are available, along with international favorites like Chinese, American, Indian and Spanish food. Also readily available are frozen foods that could be taken home and cooked any way you like.

Health-conscious individuals would be pleased to know that the Legaspi Market has its own section for organic products pioneered by Mara’s Organic Market. There’s also a good selection of organic and natural beauty products, produce, meat and cleaning products for the house. The sellers or stall owners are present most of the time to talk to curious customers about their products.

Besides the food and the scenery are the different stalls that carry a broad spectrum of things that one might find interesting to take a second look at. There’s clothing, furniture, art works and other goods that have been imported from abroad by different stall owners. The Legaspi Market promotes the products of local entrepreneurs and serve as a breeding ground for small businesses that seek to start out small. Entrepreneurs can gain valuable experience in running their business from the grassroots – having to market their products on their own and dealing with customers on a more personal basis.

Going around the Legaspi Market is very relaxing. One can take all the time that he wants just looking around since there’s a lot of new things to try and discover. The vibe of the entire place is very relaxed, which is refreshing and almost ironic given the fact that the market is located at the business district. There’s something for everybody in this place. For those who are looking to have a relaxing time on a Sunday morning but do not have the time to go out of town, the Legaspi Sunday Market is the perfect place for you.

If you were a tour guide, what would you suggest to a first-timer in Legaspi Flea Market?

Parking Lot between Corinthian Plaza and the Legaspi Park
(fronting Gamboa St.)
Sundays 7am to 2pm


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  1. PinoyOrganics says:

    Hi Noel. You can try to catch her in Legaspi Market. Look for MOMs’ booth.

  2. Bonnavie says:

    By any chance do you have their contact details please.

    Thank you.
    from Singapore

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