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Coco Sugar

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Coco Sugar

Coco sugar is one of the healthiest sweetener in the market today. First of all, it is organic. Coco Sugar is made from pure sap of the coconut tree and no synthetic or chemical ingredients were added. Second, it has a glycemic index of 35 which makes it safe for diabetics. It can be added to your coffee, tea, and even for baking and cooking. It’s the healthiest alternative to the synthetic sweeteners out there in the market. Next time you reach out for your Splenda or other sweetener, think again. You may not know it but you’re about to swallow a powdered version of Zonrox.

Have you tried using coco sugar with your morning coffee?


8 Responses to “Coco Sugar”
  1. Hershey says:

    Where can I buy that?

  2. PinoyOrganics says:

    Hi Hershey. You may call 0922 895 3975 for your coco sugar and EVCO (extra virgin coconut oil) needs. Current stock is Class A (lighter in color) coco sugar which you can use not only for your coffee but for cooking & baking, as well.

  3. Lolita Staples says:

    Is this product being exported here in the US?

  4. PinoyOrganics says:

    From what we know, our source has been exporting to Japan and Korea. I am not sure if there’s anyone who’s exporting Philippine coco sugar to the US. Please PM me your contact details if you are interested in ordering for personal consumption only. We will try our best to connect you to the right people/group.

  5. carina g. says:

    are the coco sugar available in weekend markets?if so,pls give me which locations to go to.thanks!

  6. PinoyOrganics says:

    From our experience, coco sugar is always available in Salcedo Market and The Producers Market in Mercato Centrale.

  7. Florencio Villarico, Jr. says:

    Hi, are you exporting organic coco sugar to Dubai, UAE? If yes, which supermarket is selling this item in Dubai? Is there any other source here in Dubai where I can buy it?


  8. PinoyOrganics says:

    Hi Jun. We at Pinoy Organics have not explored exporting our favorite organic products (yet). Keep reading, though. Malay mo. 😉

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