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Organic, Green or Eco-Friendly?

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Just a few years ago, when you mention the word “organic” in the Philippines, the word was synonymous to the word “expensive”. Fast forward to 2009, almost everybody in Metro Manila wants to go organic, go green, or eco-friendly.

So what do these words really mean? We interviewed three green entrepreneurs and here’s what they shared with Team Pinoy Organics:

Organic means that the ingredients are grown without pesticides while natural means that there’s nothing artificial about it. Natural does not necessarily mean organic, however. We have to make this distinction especially with all the marketing hype. You’d even see brands hyping up organic ingredient even if this is just a very small percentage of their ingredient list which sometimes include SLS, parabens, etc.

Eco-friendly, in my opinion, is simply being kind to the earth. it’s not only about recycling or making environmental choices. it’s also about reducing waste and reducing consumption in general.”

Donna T. Esteban, Wild Organics

“There are specific standards that determine whether a product is indeed truly organic or not. There is an international regulating body that sets these guidelines and standards based on decades of careful study and consideration with the international community. Simply put, organic farming (which is where organic raw materials for our products come from) means the land has been free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides/herbicides for some years and the farming/harvesting process doesn’t use harmful chemicals as well. The land is cultivated and fertilized using approved compost material. Also, no “enhancers” or chemicals to prolong shelf life are allowed for the harvested crops. These standards must be followed and measured strictly and an independent licensing body makes sure that these standards are met.”

Neva Kares, Leyende

“Organic means the products do not use any synthetic chemicals as fertilizers and pesticides. Products are usually organic when they are certified by a government sanctioned certifying body. Natural products are products that use natural ingredients or ingredients that are derived form nature.

Eco-friendly products are products that use natural, biodegradable and safe ingredients.

Going green means choosing products and lifestyles that are organic, natural and/or eco-friendly. Examples would be buying organic soaps and vegetables, segregating and recycling trash, biking instead of driving a car.”

Krie Lopez, Messy Bessy

So the next time you go shopping, think of these words. Remember, too, that each time you buy local and choose organic, you support local entrepreneurs, producers and yes, even our local organic farmers!

Did you know that ORGANIC is beyond food?

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