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My Personal Farmer

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We discovered My Personal Farmer (MPF) during the launch of Mercato Centrale last November 2010. There we met Renee and Donna. Since there were several farms selling fresh produce then, we just kept a mental note that one day, we will try My Personal Farmer.

renee and lorenRenee and Loren, her Personal Farmer Photo Credit: My Personal Farmer

When you join the Village Supported Agriculture (VSA) of My Personal Farmer, you and neighbors from your village will support families of a group of agri-farmers who will be your personal farmers, dedicating their hard work and lengthy experience to give you and your family healthy and nutritious vegetables every week. You on the other hand, will be the partner in making this Village Supported Agriculture sustainable. The farm produces and delivers a box of naturally and organically grown produce, freshly picked for you and your family.

Finally, because of our busy schedule, we weren’t able to buy enough vegetables two weekends ago and decided to try MPF.

We tried calling the numbers posted in their website but the landline wasn’t working and the mobile number just kept ringing. After several attempts to contact Donna via email and mobile phone, we got a call from her and was able to order our first half-box (P850).

Two days after, we got our boxes through one of the MPF VSA mommies:

My Personal Farmer-Box 1Box 1

My Personal Farmer-Box 2Box 2

The pineapples were one of the best we’ve ever tasted – sweet and not too fibrous. If you decide to try MPF, you have to order pineapples. We sliced them in chunks then put in the freezer. It tasted like sherbet.

My Personal Farmer-Half Boxcolorful, fresh harvest

We got different kinds of lettuces which were all gorgeous but needed to be consumed right away. Since most of the veggies were harvested right before they were packed, we noticed that there was water inside the plastic bag container, too. This made the leafy veggies rot faster.

MPF CarrotsCarrots Photo Credit: My Personal Farmer

Their carrots were more expensive than in weekend markets (about P132/kilo) but they had our preferred size for juicing. Taste was smooth and sweet, too.

MPF CucumberCucumbers Photo Credit: My Personal Farmer

All the other veggies (cucumbers, pechay, beets, herbs, etc) were in good condition.

TIP:  Best to order as early as Monday morning. You can check their fresh produce list for the week here.

The farm is located at the foothills of Mt. Kitanglad in Bukidnon, about 850 meters above sea level cloistered heavily inside a forest, with a refreshingly cool climate. People often described it as a “footprint of God’s paradise”.


Will we recommend My Personal Farmer to family and friends?

Absolutely. We ordered again last week and enjoyed our second batch of pineapples, cucumbers, herbs and carrots.


Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon
Contact Person: Donna
+63918 914 3759


2 Responses to “My Personal Farmer”
  1. Jenny says:

    Quite happy that there are now so many vegetable/fruit delivery options – Shino, GreenGrocer, Good Food Co, Emporium Antipolo. I personally find My Personal Farmer to be quite expensive so choose to purchase from Shino (a Japanese farmer from Bulacan) and get other veggies I need from Gian of Mercato.

  2. PinoyOrganics says:

    Thanks Jenny for sharing your list of fave veggie traders/producers and for supporting them. Gian Carandang of Herbana Farms is one of our partner-producers in Mercato. We haven’t tried nor visited Shinozaki’s farm yet.

    Vegetable producers and traders must realize that organic is the only way and will be the standards … soon.

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