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Pinoy Organics invites you to join us as we discover, explore, share and change the lives of local farmers, producers and consumers through out-of-the-box learning events.

Sharon Cuneta interviews Gil Carandang
 A Grow-Your-Own-Food Workshop Series
Do you want to grow your own food?
Do you want to learn how to prepare simple and healthy meals for your family?
Have land but don’t know what to do with it?
Do you want to live sustainably  by building your own ‘Goshen’?
This will be a fun packed 2-day hands-on workshop series, learning all about how to create and manage urban gardens and food forest design & systems in the simplest, most efficient, safest and productive way. Become more self-reliant and in control of your food sources by producing your backyard food forest and linking up with other homesteaders!

DAY 1: Aug. 2, 3015, Sunday (12:30 – 5:00pm)        Venue: Makati

  • Overview “Urban Gardening”
  • Introduction to Soil
    • Role of soil
    • Soil basics
    • Protecting and preserving soil (overview of 6 methods)
  • Types of Urban Gardens
  • Urban Ideas (Raised beds, containers, and more)
  • Pest & Nutrient Management
  • Basic Design Strategies
  • What to Grow
  • Perspectives of Urban Gardening – its role
  • Hands on Activity

Regular & Walk-in Rate: PHP 3,495 inc workshop materials and meals
PinoyOrganics Advocate: PHP995 (if you register on or before July 30)
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“Good presentation. The organization should be given credit
for promoting organic lifestyle in the city.” – Marianne, Business Mirror

Thai Coriander-small

DAY 2: Aug. 3, 3015, Monday (8:00am – 4:00pm)     Venue: Makati  
TOPIC:   FOODSCAPES (Creating Resilient Food Forests in Your Own Home, School, Community and City)

Here’s a sneak preview of some of the topics we’ll be discussing:

  • Design Principles & Guidelines
  • Bioregion/Cultural Importance
  • Utilization of Agroforestry
  • Food Forest
  • Design Implementation Among Zones
  • Maintenance & On-going Management of Food Forests
  • Integrating Animal Systems – Birds and Bees
  • Comparison/Discussion to Traditional Agriculture
  • Guild Examples and Other Models

Regular & Walk-in Rate: PHP 5,995 inc workshop materials and meals
PinoyOrganics Advocate: PHP1,995 (if you register on or before July 30)
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Just pay PHP2,490 only for our 2-day SUSTAINABLE ME workshop series!

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Today, Pinoy Organics has gone beyond its position as a one-stop online resource in 2009. With almost 5,000 online community members, it is regarded by pioneers in the organic industry as the VOICE OF THE ORGANIC CONSUMERS. It is also an active PARTNER in educating Filipinos about organics and sustainable living, and a staunch ADVOCATE in bridging organic farmers and producers to consumers, and vise versa.

PinoyOrganics is a member of the Organic Producers and Traders Association, Phils. (OPTA) and Slow Food Philippines.

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“Very educational and informative.
I think the market is ready to go GREEN & HEALTHY!” – Christie, freelance writer



Our main resource speaker is Sustainable Farmer Drew (Andrew Gerren), founder of Garden to Gardens (G2G). One of his passions is creating sustainable gardens and food “forests” in urban settings.

Farmer Drew is known for creating unique, innovative, low-maintenance, high-yielding sustainable gardens, edible landscapes and food forest. He utilizes a diverse array of gardening applications along with native plant integration. His main focus starts with stockfree farming techniques which is also supplemented with other conscientious and self-sufficient gardening methods such as permaculture, natural farming, and biodynamics.

He regularly conducts lectures, seminars and teachings to others on a variety of topics about sustainable gardening, food sovereignty, environmentalism, and wild edible/medicinal plants.


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“It was the best day of my home-keeping life!
To actually see organically-grown
vegetables and food variety that are available
here in our area was amazing!
I learned a lot! I am thrilled to grow my own herbs, too!”
– Shirley, wife, and mom of 4
RawFood-veggie sushi small 

Let’s Go Raw!  (August-September 2015)

A fun and creative workshop on raw food basics and preparation for kids and adults. Venue in Makati and Alabang.

Juice for Life (August-September 2015)

If you live a fast paced life or wants to give your kids at least one nutritious REAL meal everyday, then enroll in this class and learn about the benefits of juicing. In less than 10 minutes, you have a power meal! Pre-reg now!




We conduct farm, market and eco tours for both adults and kids. If you belong to a company, a special group or a school, and you want to try creative ways to learn about being green, healthy and/or organic, feel free to give us a call and let’s discuss how we can help you create your customized tours and workshops. We have modules for farm tours, market-to-plate tours, eco-tours, school field trips, urban gardening and Pinoy Organics101 for Kids and Adults.Want us to go to your school or your own venue? Don’t hesitate. Send us an email or give us a call.
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