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How to Cook Unpolished Rice

November 26, 2009 by  
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Many people have been requesting for this recipe. We told them, just cook it the way you cook ordinary white rice. But for people who can’t believe that it’s just as simple as 1-2-3, we decided to post the recipe, anyway.

Pre-soaking the grains for at least 15-minutes before you cook it made all the difference (well, at least for us). Without pre-soaking, the unpolished organic rice tasted undercooked even if it wasn’t.


1 cup organic unpolished rice (regardless of variety)

2-2 1/2 cups water


  1. Pre-soak organic rice for 15-30 minutes.
  2. Wash and clean rice with water. Do it again.
  3. Place the clean organic rice in a casserole, and spread it evenly.
  4. Add water.
  5. When the water is starting to boil, turn down the heat and simmer until it’s cooked.


7 Responses to “How to Cook Unpolished Rice”
  1. Alvin says:

    Hi! Quick question: why is it necessary to pre-soak the rice for 15 to 30 minutes? Thanks!

  2. PinoyOrganics says:

    Most organic rice producers’ cooking instructions did not require pre-soaking. Initially, it was just experimental. The texture and yummy-ness of the rice grains which were pre-soaked were yummier. One of our suppliers suggested to soak it, too, just like monggo, to lessen the cooking time of the rice. If you are in a rush, you can skip pre-soaking and cook as is but we suggest you use 1:4 ratio (1 cup:4 cups water). You can try experimenting, too, and see what suits your taste best.

  3. Coco Sugar says:

    Pre-soaking unpolished rice helps soften the fiber that is not removed from polishing. It helps make the rice easier to chew on and digest.

    I’ve tried pre-soaking mine for as long as 24-hours just to see if there’s any difference. I’ve noticed none but I found that a minimum of 2 hours to be the ideal soaking time.

    Wash the rice as usual, add your preferred rice and water ratio (mine is 1 c. rice : 2.5 c water) and soak it in the rice cooker. After two hours, I just hit the power button.

  4. julia aguilar says:

    where may I buy organic unpolished rice? The first time I was abke to buy a kilo is from a town in bohol w/ butterfly garden as an attraction on our way to chocolate hills last april.
    I’m based in Tacloban City, Leyte. cell#09228374232. Thanks

  5. PinoyOrganics says:

    You can try weekend markets like Mercato Centrale at the Fort, Salcedo Market and/or Legaspi Market. Where do you live?

  6. Jose M. Barroso Jr. says:

    Matagal na (mga 2 years na) kaming permanenteng gumagamit ng unpolished or brown rice (altho pwede rin itong maging red, violet, black, o yung puti na variety). Walang definite na proportion sa tubig na ihahalo mo, dedepende yun sa variety na isasaing mo. Ang water mo magri-range from 1 3/4 rice: 1 water proportion for white, inbred rice (which is softer and has a shorter cooking time), to 3 1/2 : 1 for the red, hybrid rice which cooks the longest; the other color varieties are in-between, you have to experiment to get the proportion right. And i-record mo para hindi ka mabantilawan lagi, at para alam din ito ng mga kasama mo. If ikaw lang ang nakakaalam nung proportion na yun, malamang hilaw lagi ang sinaing nyo, sayang ‘di nyo makakain, ang mahal pa naman. Pag ibinabad mo ang isasaing mo, ang tira mo madaling mapapanis. Kaya hinding hindi na ako nagbababad. Ayaw kong sabihin na mali ung dating instructions, subukan nyo na lang at obserbahan. Para medyo malambot ang kanin at malapit sa pure well-milled rice (WMR) ang feel nya pag kinakain, at para magustuhang kainin ng mga bata at ng ibang maaarteng tao, 50% unpolished, and 50% well-milled (polished) ang iluto mo, pero hiwalay ang hulog dahil unpolished rice (ang unang ihuhulog) cooks very much longer than WMR rice. Pag sinabay mo sila, inin ang brown rice, lugaw ang WMR rice. I-maintain mo ang 1 1/2 water: 1 WMR rice. Timing ng paghulog ng WMR rice: antayin mo na lumapot ng konti ang kumukulong tubig; palatandaan: ang bula ng sinaing ay umaabot na hanggang sa lip ng kaldero o rice cooker, ibig sabihin, nagputukan na yung “bran” ng unpolished rice, maiiinin na sya. Gusto ko maka-benefit din kayo, pati na mga anak nyo, ng pagkarami-raming amazing healthful benefits ng unpolished rice.

  7. PinoyOrganics says:

    Maraming salamat po, Mr. Jose sa comment po ninyo. Marami pong matutuwa sa na-share nyo. 🙂 Stay healthy and happy po. -Team Pinoy Organics

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