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Organic Manila

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Finally, a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program in Metro Manila!

OrganicManila-RT Gonzales

Organic Manila is the marketing arm and distribution company of a collective farm group in La Trinidad, Benguet. Organic Manila is the brainchild of RT Gonzales and is comprised of seven farmers who have committed themselves in planting vegetables using organic faming methods. Each farmer has undergone a one-month training seminar on the technological trends in organic farming led by Gil Carandang. Since each farm is owned by the farmer and his family, together with Organic Manila, they formulate a workable farm plan and harvest schedules of what kind of vegetables they should grow for the season.

Water source is from natural springs located around the mountain area of the collective farms. Special attention is also given to post-harvest procedures. The farmers fully understand the safety and hygienic procedures in packaging and handling of their harvest. Farm wastes and other bio-degradable garbage are immediately sent to the compost pile and treated with beneficial microorganisms so as to prevent contamination of the harvested produce.

OrganicManila-small box

There are three types of boxes to choose from. The small box (Php600) contains 8 assorted vegetables, 4 culinary herbs, 2 fruits and is good for one to two persons.

OrganicManila-med box 2

The medium box (Php1,450) has 12 assorted vegetables, 4 culinary herbs, 4 fruits and may be shared by 3 persons.

OrganicManila-large box

The biggest box which is large (P1,950) has 16 assorted vegetables, 5 culinary herbs, 5 fruits and maybe consumed by 6-8 persons. All boxes are good for a week.

Currently, they have a selling booth at the BF Paranaque Weekend Market every Saturday, from 7am to 2pm. There are several pick-up points within Metro Manila, too. If fate is on your side, and if your house is within the area of an institutional client, they can deliver your box of vegetables right at your doorsteps! Ordering is easy. Just call, email or fax your order. You can even customize the vegetables in your box according to your menu for the week. The must-do though is to place your orders a week before to make sure that your requested vegetables and/or fruits are available in time for the delivery schedule.

OrganicManila - 3 boxes

If you were to choose a box of fresh organic vegetables, herbs and fruits from Organic Manila, which one do you think will best fit your weekly requirement?

Organic Manila
+63917 513 5959
+632 794 9226


10 Responses to “Organic Manila”
  1. germelina lising says:

    I have been craving good tomatoes. I went to Tagaytay to buy huge hydroponic ones – tasteless. Do you have any heirlooms? What varieties do you have? Please instruct on how best to reach you and where to watch out for your produce. Thank you for the service of good organic food for us.

  2. PinoyOrganics says:

    We personally prefer veggies planted on soil. Check out weekend markets near your village such as Ayala Alabang Weekend Market, FTI Producers Market, Salcedo Market and/or MOMs Organic Market in Legaspi Market. If you’d rather stay at home and have your veggies delivered, call Organic Manila.

  3. RT says:

    Can the BFAD or other entity test organic vegs for toxic pesticides/fertilizers? We’ve been buying organic for several years now but the seeming endless supply and large sizes of the vegs (availability is supposed to be seasonal and sized smaller for organic?) make the produce suspect. I know OPTA and the other coops try to monitor member farms but it’s hard to just rely on trust without more verifiable info. I’m growing my own garden organically but with limited space / ideal sun exposure it’s tough!

  4. PinoyOrganics says:

    As conscious consumers, we try our best to visit the farms of our suki-vendors and/or suppliers. When you go to their farms, you will see their preparations (fertilizers, pesticide, etc.). For some, this is a tedious task but it is always better to see for yourself where your vegetables are grown. In the process, you also build your relationship with your producer/farmer. Great job in growing your own! Keep up the good work and invite us to your harvest day in the future!

  5. Charleen says:

    Your site is very helpful and informative. am just starting to be interested in organic fruits and veggies since i want to start juicing. thanks so much! god bless =)

  6. Kazuki says:

    Hi I am an undergrad of UP manila with a thesis related to vegetables. do your farms grow potatoes and/or radishes as well (aside from carrots)? Where in benguet might i find your farms? i wish to visit these personally. thank you very much.

  7. PinoyOrganics says:

    Kazuki, visit Pinoy Organics @Mercato Centrale and if you’re lucky, our farmers might even be there. See you soon!

  8. Jun Lee says:

    Sunday, January 09, 2011

    Dear Sir/Madame,

    Hi to all of you! I’m interested in your products & live in 17 Monaco St. Loyola Grand Villas, Brgy. Tumana, Marikina City. I would like to know how to buy your products, I’m near Katipunan Ave. in ADMU, UP in QC & Tumana Bridge in Marikina City.


    Jun Lee

  9. Mae says:

    If I order online, how can I pay for the items and what courier do they use? Also, what is the difference between curled parsley and italian parsley? Thanks 😀

  10. Renee P. says:

    Both OPTA, FPA and OCCP have their own guidelines but visiting organic farms even if you do it every week does not assure you that the produce is organic. It is very easy to hide pesticides and fertilizers that are chemical.

    If you leave it to small farmers that rely on the sale of their crops to feed their children and pay tuition, they will do anything to sell their produce, especially if they all of a sudden get a pest infestation or a fungus growth in their farm – they will definitely spray to save their crop.

    The only solution is for farmers to be audited in a RANDOM (meaning unannounced) basis for CHEMICAL RESIDUES on the vegetables they grow. A certified technician will enter your farm unannounced and pick a vegetable for testing. This can be done.

    This will certainly STOP so many organic farmers that claim to be organic in FOOLING so many FILIPINOS. In the long run, the TRUE organic farmers will remain to HEAL THE LAND ITS FARMERS AND YOU!!

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