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Pancit na Puti

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Our very first Pancit na Puti was bought in Corrie’s in Mandaluyong in 2002. We remember eating a simple, white rice noodle, with a few toasted garlic and minced spring onion as toppings. That’s it!

pancit na puti

Our weekly delivery from Juan Market arrived and we noticed that our pechay had beautiful yellow flowers. Inspired by its bright and happy color, we decided to create our own version of Pancit na Puti. Here’s our simple recipe:



pancit na puti (vermicelli or any rice noodle)

EVCO (extra virgin coconut oil)


red onions


garden peas

cabbage and/or pechay


dried mushroom

natural sea salt

black pepper

edible flower



Saute garlic & red onions in EVCO. Add carrots, cabbage/pechay, peas, leeks and dried mushroom. Stir-fry in medium heat for about 3-5 minutes.

During this time, you can soak your vermicelli or any rice noodle in hot water. Drain and add to the vegetables. Add salt & pepper.

In a big platter, arrange the pancit then top it with additional leeks (or spring onion) and of course, edible flowers.

Serve with calamansi, lime or lemon.

What beverage would go well with this simple yet filling dish?

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