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On Raw Food

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There are several views and definitions about this and we’ll define it as simple as possible: raw food is raw food. Yes, no heat and cooking required, but creativity plays a vital role – if you want to make this your lifestyle.

raw pad thai 2
Pad Thai, noodles made from singkamas

The Many Benefits of Raw Food

You get the best of the best nutrients of whatever you’re eating when you consume it at its most natural state. Heat destroys enzymes and lessens the good stuff in it.

Eating raw food like fruits and vegetables can:

  • Cure many skin problems including eczema
  • Cure allergies and asthma
  • Cure gout
  • Lose weight
  • Improve overall health

These did not come from a book on raw food. These are some of our real life experiences when we started integrating raw food in our diet.

All Raw Chef Salad

Since 2011, we have been battling with eczema and after many visits to many doctors, lots of organic, natural then eventually commercial steroid creams, we finally won over this skin condition many people, especially children, are suffering from. One of the keys to that healing was raw food.

Should I go 100% raw all the way?

We believe that the best “diet” is customized according one’s personal beliefs and nutritional needs. It’s been three years since our family started our journey to a sustainable, healthy lifestyle, and we have gone extremes: from no red meat diet to all raw food. Today, a balanced diet according to our blood type plus proper food combination have worked well for us, BUT more dark green leafy veggies have greatly helped us in a major, major way. J

It’s A Wrap – Romaine with Mock Salmon

The key is to listen to your body and feed it what it needs to live an optimum lifestyle. Equally important is to slowly introduce raw food (or any kind of change) in your overall diet.  If you want to learn more about raw food and juicing, go here.

And here’s our favorite part. Just in case you want to go raw, PLEASE CHOOSE LOCAL AND ORGANIC vegetables and fruits. You wouldn’t want residues of pesticides and chemicals to go in that glass of fresh smoothie for breakfast, right?

Fresh Smoothies

If there’s ONE thing about raw food you want to learn about, what would that be and why?


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