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INDIGObaby is a line of baby care products made from all natural ingredients. It started out as an idea of best friends and business partners, Denise Gonzales and Monica Eleazar-Manzano. It all happened when soon after graduating college, both women got pregnant right about the same time as each other. As first-time moms, they wanted to give the best care for their children. This home-based business was started because they wanted to be hands-on with raising their children, and at the same time maintain a career.

In terms of the products they wanted to use for themselves and for their babies, their desire to give the best care for their children led them to turn to organic products to use during their pregnancy and after giving birth as well. The only problem was that they could not find organic baby care products here in the Philippines. What they did was, they either bought from abroad or ordered the products online. However, through research, both Denise and Monica found out that the same products that they buy abroad can be made locally  because the Philippines is rich with natural resources.

One of their best-selling products is the Shoo Fly Don’t Bother Me Milky Lotion Insect Repellent. It can be used for both adults and babies, and the best part is, the ingredients are non-toxic. Parents won’t have to worry about skin reactions to chemicals because as previously mentioned, the products are made of all-natural materials. Another best seller would be the Jar of Hope First Aid Gel, which can also be used by both adults and children. It can be applied on scratches, bruises and sores to ease the pain and aid the healing process.

Exterminating cockroaches is a problem in most households, probably even more so for those households that have children running around. Roach Wars is a product that is made to kill cockroaches. To use, pour a small amount of the powder on a piece of paper, and put on any corner or surface where cockroaches hide. The cockroaches die after eating the powder.

The main benefit of their products is that all the ingredients that were used are non-toxic, and have no chemicals in them. Parents do not have to worry about fumes or irritants that are harmful for their children.

Since they started in 2007, Indigo Baby has been gaining popularity, having been featured in magazines, newspapers and TV shows. When asked if they were planning to expand their business, Denise was quick to point out that they are not in a hurry. As a company, they like to keep things simple by selling their products at bazaars and markets because in that way, they are able to talk to the consumers and give advice personally.

One of our Editor’s Picks is the Divine Intervention. You can use it as a hand sanitizer, body mist and an all-in-one disinfectant for almost anything.

What is your personal pick from INDIGObaby?

3892 A-Quingua St.
Bgy. Pinagkaisahan, Makati City
Telephone: +632 882 7857
Mobile: +63922 849 9892


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  1. Roma Faye says:

    My personal pick: jar of hope and jar of love..both have been helpful not only for my baby but also for me..the jar of hope indeed hastens the healing process of scratches and rashes.The jar of love aids in getting rid of nose stuffiness especially in the wee hours of the night.

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