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Mara Pardo de Tavera

Few weeks ago, we received a suggestion from several people to “launch” Pinoy Organics as soon as possible. We took it as a compliment but did not really take it seriously until last night, another friend asked us, “Have you launched Pinoy Organics already?”

So, how do you launch a blogsite about Philippine organics?

For our launch on November 26th, which we will annually celebrate as Pinoy Organics Day every last Thursday of November, we decided to feature one of the pillars in the Philippine organic industry, Mara Pardo de Tavera, founder of Mara’s Organic Market (MOM). Most of our interviews are about 30-45 minutes, but Mara’s was almost two hours! We thank her for saying “yes” to our invite. Watch out for this interview! You will enjoy our 3-part series about Mara, her business and some tips about living a healthy, organic lifestyle.

Other articles or topics we are including in our launch week are:

  • The Healthy Rice
  • Do-It-Yourself Organic Scrub
  • and other related topics

Thank you to everybody who added us in Facebook. If not, please add us so you can join our discussions about organic living in the Philippines and be updated to what’s happening in Pinoy Organics.

Advance (Happy) Pinoy Organics Day,


5 Responses to “NEXT WEEK IN PINOY ORGANICS: Mara Pardo de Tavera”
  1. Hi Jhoey,

    Great work! I look forward to this interview with Ms. Mara Pardo de Tavera. She’s really done a lot promoting the organic-healthy lifestyle here in the Philippines. Do you know what, she also is part of the Boracay Organic Market?
    Do cover that also. The one to talk to is Jinky Gallegos. She, sometimes, drop by the Legazpi Market, when she’s in Manila.

    May God bless your endeavors here at PinoyOrganics.

    A greener, healthier and happier Philippines to us all.

  2. PinoyOrganics says:

    Thanks, Dennis for your encouraging words. Would love to cover Boracay Organic Market .. soon!

  3. Pinoy says:

    Pinoy Organics is definitely a Pinoy Pride!!! The people behind Pinoy Organics are responsible in contributing to a cleaner and greener Philippines. The use of indigenous materials in making creative and colorful pieces of art and crafts give the products they make a truly Pinoy look and style while being environment friendly as well. – Pinoy

  4. Pinoy Girl says:

    I usually buy nice designer bags but most of my officemates have them too. I will have to try buying some of the products of Pinoy Organics – they are unique, stylish, and ultimately organic – simply Pinoy!!! – Pinoy Girl

  5. GoForOrganicFarming says:

    This website is very informative; we “Filipinos” should embrace organic farming, one way to Philippines economics improvement(sustainability). Hope that our government support Organic farming/products more aggressive.

    Thank you for sharing.

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