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reflexology pressure points

Mike Hosoya, a native of Yokohama, Japan, personally weaves thick strands of Philippine abaca into Waraji slippers. Applying the principles of reflexology, these slippers were woven in a special way so that the abaca massages central points in our feet. A minimum of thirty minutes use of Waraji slippers daily can relieve stress and promote good blood circulation.

waraji slippers - indoor

There are two types of Waraji slippers. Indoor Waraji slippers has a bamboo stick attached in the middle of the slipper. It is meant to massage the sole of the foot where there are small veins connected to vital organs such as heart, liver, lungs. This piece of bamboo puts pressure on the foot that relieves stress, which will later on be released thru perspiration or urination. The side effects would be a calming, relaxing sensation and sluggishness afterwards. Waraji slippers, specifically those with bamboo help prevent cramps. For women who suffer dysmenorrheal pains during their monthly periods, these slippers could help in avoiding the attack of this monthly pain. It also helps cure rheumatism and prevents varicose veins from developing. Outdoor Waraji slippers has no bamboo stick and can be worn all day. However, unlike regular slippers, the lumps of Philippine abaca still provide comfort and effects of massage on both feet.

Mike Hosoya

Mr. Hosoya believes that the mixture of Japanese culture in weaving and the local materials found in the Philippines greatly helped in his slippers. Unlike the regular slippers that are made of plastic or rubber, these Philippine abaca fibers absorbs sweat, preventing bad foot odor. These slippers also have great durability. Every pair of slipper could last for years and Mr. Hosoya claims that if the slipper broke, you could always bring it back to him and he would personally repair and fix the damage for you.

waraji slippers

Waraji slippers have easily made relaxation convenient, cheap and healthy. People have been continuously coming back to him either to say thank you for the benefits they achieved or to order more pairs for their families or friends. Prices start at P550 for the small size, P600 for the medium, P650 for large and P900 for the extra large.

Have you tried wearing Waraji slippers?

Contact Mike Hosoya
+632 907 109 6289
Legaspi Sunday Market (7:30am-2:30pm)

Php 900 extra large

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