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Grounds for Your Garden

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Starbucks Grounds for Your Garden

The flier says, “FREE GROUNDS FOR YOUR GARDEN”. We couldn’t believe what we just read so we decided to go to the counter and asked the barista if they really give away used grounds for free.

The answer was yes.

The barista explained that you can complement your garden with coffee grounds. Instead of throwing the used grounds away, they decided to just give it away. For free. This way, they lessen the amount of their own garbage and help their customers grow their gardens.

We hurriedly collected a bag of free grounds and went home with a smile. The following day, we decided to collect leaves and use it when we repotted about ten inch-high plants.

Coffee grounds provide a valuable source of nutrition for your garden if used properly. The proper amount to be used depends on the condition of the soil and what you are growing in your garden.

So, what’s in coffee grounds?

Primary Nutrients:

Nitrogen 1.45%

Phosphorus ND ug/g

Potassium 1204 ug/g

Secondary Nutrients:

Calcium 389 ug/g

Magnesium 448 ug/g

Sulfur high ug/g

Notes from Starbucks:

ND=indicates sample is below detention limit



Add grounds directly to your garden …..

Apply this “green” material as side dressing to nitrogen-loving plants, including most perennials and allium plants. Balance the nutrition of your soil with “brown” materials such as leaves and dried grass.

Or to your compost.

Combine with “brown” materials in your compost pile. Use grounds within 2-3 weeks of brewing to capture the most nutritional value.

It has been more than a week now since we used our free grounds and our potted plants are still alive and healthier. So, the next time you drink coffee, don’t throw away your grounds. Use it for your garden or give it as a surprise gift to somebody who loves gardening.

For more information, visit this or any nearby coffee shop who’d be willing to give their grounds for free.

Do you have other tips for gardening using coffee?


5 Responses to “Grounds for Your Garden”
  1. PinoyOrganics says:

    Thanks for informing us. They changed it. Here’s the new link.

  2. ann says:

    thank you! is it available anywhere here in the Philippines as long as may Starbucks? thanks again

  3. PinoyOrganics says:

    Yes, as long as there’s Starbucks and there are available grounds. 😉

  4. RT says:

    A recent Shell awardee used coffee grounds for growing mushrooms. Any details about setting up your own? I tried to grow oyster mushrooms on coffee grounds and coconut peat/fibers but it didn’t work (shroom pieces from a supermarket, maybe that’s why it didn’t grow).

  5. PinoyOrganics says:

    It is better to grow produce you like and unfortunately, mushroom is not in our list. We’re using the coffee grounds we collected last month in our recently purchased potted herbs. A month has passed and so far, they’re all still alive and healthy. 😉

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