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Eco-Friendly Sack

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Eco sack is a unique line of 100% organic and reusable canvas bags. The raw materials are from the Philippines and the bags are designed by 27 year-old Emily Go, the brains behind Eco Sack.

Ms. Go started Eco Sack just last November 2008. She first started selling different brands of bags at bazaars. Later on, she started making her own bags because her supplier already has too many customers. And besides, she wants to start her own business.

Ms. Go designs the bags and has her own team sewing her designs.


Some of her best sellers are: The tote bag (P250), a large handheld bag that’s perfect for people on the go; The body bag (P 300), a small bag that’s perfect for people who want to keep both hands free; And the foldable sando bag (P 199), a favorite among her customers. The sando bag’s perfect for shoppers because it’s foldable, handy and sturdy. Plus, ALL her bags come with free button pins to allow her customers to personalize their bag and encourage others to live a greener lifestyle, as the pins are written with messages to promote environmental awareness.

Like most organic sellers, Ms. Go lives an organic lifestyle to an extent. She mostly eats organic vegetables, enjoys using organic toiletries and of course, uses Eco Sack when doing her grocery or shopping. She likes the idea of living an organic lifestyle because it’s simpler and a lot healthier for her and the environment.

ecosack booth

Being pretty new in the business, Ms. Go markets Eco Sack by selling at bazaars, sponsoring events and some TV shows and by consigning to different stores. She also sells at Legaspi Sunday Market, ABS-CBN’s Friday market, at Market! Market!’s Eco Store and at Trinoma’s Sesou, which just opened recently. Ms. Emily Go may not be advertising Eco Sack yet, but with the increasing demand for organic products and with the help of her loyal customers, Eco Sack is surely not far in making it big in the market.

Contact Person: Ms. Emily Go, Proprietor


2 Responses to “Eco-Friendly Sack”
  1. ken says:

    hello! do you still sell eco sack?

  2. PinoyOrganics says:

    Hi Ken. We are still producing our own eco bags and will be available by May 2011. If you liked our featured eco sack, check out the website at the bottom of the article.

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