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Herbalclean Toothpaste and Mouthwash

April 19, 2010 by  
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We have been looking for a toothpaste that can replace our commercial brand and alas, we found Herbalclean Toothpaste and Mouthwash.

Herbalclean by Carica

It is made of herbal extracts of Buyo (Ikmo leaves), Bayabas, Tsa-ang Gubat, Alagaw, Eucalyptus, Papain, Sili, Paminta (Green Pepper), Luya, Kaffir Lime, Mangosteen, Malunggay. The mint taste is refreshing and our fresh breath lasted til our next meal.

Herbalclean promotes healthy gums, strong teeth and fresh breath. It comes in one size only (100ml). It is distributed by Carica Herbal Health Products and is available in leading supermarkets and department stores at Php120.

2625 Dian st., Manila 1004 Philippines
+632 521 6763


In June 2010, we received reports from two consumers (one via email and the other one was in person) about this product. According to these consumers, Carica have changed their Herbalclean formula. The current Herbalclean Toothpaste is watery in texture and contains SLS. We will keep the public informed as soon as we get confirmation from Carica Worldwide.


27 Responses to “Herbalclean Toothpaste and Mouthwash”
  1. mai says:

    I’ve been using Jason’s from Healthy Options but local is a better alternative. I’ve tried Plantex’s toothpaste also. The mint taste is great and it has no flouride but I couldn’t take the sweetness. In fact, nangilo yung ngipin ko. I used it only 2x. That’s all my teeth could take. Too sweet for me.

  2. rik says:

    greetings. there are allegations that mfp, monosodiumfluorophosphate, or fluoride is a cause of cancer. does the toothpaste you are promoting here doesn’t have mfp.

    i wean away from using supermarket toothpaste and mouthwash products that contains flouride when i learned that flouride is a carcinogenic substance. right now i am into dxn toothpaste but i want to save money by switching to non-flouride local organic toothpaste. what can you recommend?

    hope to hear from you soon.

  3. PinoyOrganics says:

    We have updated this article (see note after the article) last month after we received reports that the producer have changed their formulation. We have stopped using it and are currently trying Dentiste dental creme which is SLS-free. This brand is available in major department stores (Landmark, SM).

  4. Didi says:

    I used Twin Lotus Herbal Toothpaste. Looks yucky but its nice and minty. I don’t understand Thai so I don’t know what is in it. Buit it works!

  5. PinoyOrganics says:

    @Didi We discovered 2 pinoy herbal toothpaste yesterday. Will do an article about them soon. 🙂

  6. Noshtalgia says:

    Can’t wait to hear about your new discoveries. I have been looking for local organic toothpaste for many months now. I was supposed to try ‘herbaclean’, good thing I saw your recent postings.

  7. Maan says:

    I used Jason’s before but had to get something cheaper so tried Herbalclean. I just didnt feel comfortable since they seem to use lead. Shifted now to Plantex. However I also tried Twin Lotus herbal toothpaste from thailand. Got it during the Go negosyo fair but I need to trek all the way to makati just for that so ok na plantex 🙂

  8. Jan says:

    Hi, I’m looking forward to discoveries re organic toothpaste. Also, my toddler is currently using Sansfluo toothpaste but since I’m slowly switching to organic products, Im in search of an effective one for kids. Hope you can help me on this. Thanks 🙂

  9. PinoyOrganics says:

    Check out Plantex toothpaste. 😉

  10. Fristine says:

    I tried Herbalclean, Twin Lotus Herbal and Plantex toothpastes. Like all of you, I veered away from supermarket toothpastes and hunted for safer alternatives however, all three did not pass my seemingly rigid “requirements”

    Herbalclean – yes, the formulation changed. I used this the longest. It’s too sweet, the texture is more of a viscous liquid than a paste. I hope Carica will confirm if it has or does not have SLS.

    Twin Lotus Herbal – I found this in Salcedo & SM Supermarket. However, if you check out the boxes of the ones sold in Thailand, you will read it has SLS. So I stopped using it. Unfortunately in this country, the law doesn’t require manufacturers to state ALL ingredients, only active ones.

    Plantex – the latest one I tried. It is free of SLS however, it has 3 kinds of parabens

    I’ll probably try Dentiste or Ilog Maria’s toothpaste (in a jar). Be careful when buying toothpaste because alternative ones are not necessarily safer.

  11. PinoyOrganics says:

    We’re also back to Dentiste. We also have a jar of Ilog Maria toothpaste. 😉

  12. Gene says:

    I didn’t know that there are already organic toothpaste available here. Bought and used Plantex earlier today. So far, so good. It’s not too minty and bubbly but I like how it didn’t sting my chapped lips. Wish I could find a nearer retailer for organic products. Looking forward to reading your reviews with other products.

  13. raphee says:

    where can i buy ilog maria toothpaste?

  14. PinoyOrganics says:

    Check out Mercato Centrale (weekends, 6am-2pm). Judy of Planet Noah in Tent 1 sells Ilog Maria products. 😉

  15. Feanne says:

    raphee: Ilog Maria already sells their products online so you can buy directly from them without going all the way to their farm. 🙂

    Fristine: Thank you for this info about Twin Lotus! I’ve been using it. Disillusionment. =\ Will try Ilog Maria tooth paste!

  16. Jenny says:

    how about lawiswis? have you tried this toothpaste?

  17. Joan says:

    How about using baking soda na lang? Nakakalinis pa ng tea and coffee stains sa ngipin, and those stains (usually sa kids) from taking anti-biotics. TC lang kasi abrasive, but how abrasive, not sure. My little boy, my daughter/s and I use bs for brushing and also use tongue scrapers.

  18. PinoyOrganics says:

    Yes. It was too watery. I love their pocket balm and soaps though. 😉

  19. PinoyOrganics says:

    Will try although it would be great if we discover a toothpaste in a tube…

  20. OrganicFan says:

    definitely not baking soda. it is a number one cleaning formula for tiles, sinks, pots & pans, stainless steel. so its a harsh and harmful formula

  21. Ice says:

    I have mouth sores because of 2 famous brands. I have read i need to use sls free toothpaste. Ill try your suggestions. Tnx

  22. Francis says:

    Where can I buy this toothpaste?

    Thank you!

  23. Feanne says:

    I’ve tried a brown toothpaste in a tube, I found it in EchoStore before but I don’t remember the brand. It worked well for me 🙂 It didn’t list the ingredients though.

  24. PinoyOrganics says:

    Check out weekend bazaar area near SM Supermarket in Makati. They have a booth there every Fri-Sun.

  25. grace says:

    how could I get/buy this product how much is it I live in quezon city so greenhills will be the farthest I could go maybe Pasig but it depends thanks

  26. PinoyOrganics says:

    Try Unimart in Greenhills 🙂

  27. tina b says:

    yup, herbalclean has sls nga po, i saw it from the ingredients.:(

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