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Le Bistro Vert

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We chanced upon this restaurant by accident. Hungry, tired and craving for a healthy lunch, a green signage appeared. It was like a sign from heaven: Le Bistro Vert Sustainable Foods. Unfortunately, we had to eat and run to our next meeting but we promised ourselves we’d definitely come back soon.

True to our word, two weeks after, we visited Le Bistro Vert again. This time, there was no need to rush.

What’s In A Name?

The French name, Le Bistro Vert, translated in English as “The Green Bistro” is inspired by the center of cuisine excellence which is France. What is offered is a mix of culinary influences culled by Chef Sau del Rosario, who began his international professional experience in Paris and Nice in France and has come full circle with his experiences in Asian countries.

Le Bistro Vert

Le Bistro Vert offers a special sustainable food menu which ensures that food products support earth-friendly initiatives and help sustain local farmers. The food on Le Bistro Vert’ s table involves food production methods that are healthy, do not harm the environment, respect workers, are humane to animals, provide fair wages to farmers, and support farming communities.

Here’s Chef Sau himself as he answers our warm up question, “How is Le Bistro Vert different from other restos?”

The Interiors

Architect Dan Lichauco, known for his green buildings and who teaches sustainable green architecture at the University of Santo Tomas stepped in to create an interior reminiscent of a green glass house.

LBV interiors

A large whimsical mural of symbols representing the underwater world and treasures of the sea dominates the first floor. The mural is set against stark white walls.

LBV stencils

Stenciled on the walls are golden bamboos, vines and flowers. Bamboo was the choice of Lichauco as it is one of the most sustainable grasses, and is a symbol of Asia. Bamboos are one of the most sustainable plants, especially in a rapidly changing climate. Bamboo spreads so fast that entire homes and gardens have been engulfed by species with running roots. Bamboo is the second fastest-growing plant in the world, bested only by sea kelp.

LBV Interiors 4

The cool relaxing colors teal blue and green complement the interiors. The rather eclectic mix of images and colors create an atmosphere that brings customers to a cool garden space in which to enjoy the food in a relaxed manner.

LBV Herb Garden
The place event boasts of a small garden plot behind where fresh herbs are planted with a lot of love and carefully picked by their chefs and cook.

The Food

Le Bistro Vert has at its core direction, the support of local farmers and small communities who produce artisanal food specialties, as well as healthy yet tasty cuisine. The menu’s local flavors are given a twist as Asian culinary culture comes to meet European rich tradition of cuisine.

LBV Seared Tuna CarpaccioSeared Tuna Loin Carpaccio

With his passion for training younger people, Chef Sau is excited about sharing the idea of sustainable foods to his students, cooks and crew. At Le Bistro Vert, his assistant Australian-trained Chef Michelin Galang personally sees to it that the whole LBV kitchen crew keeps to the quality presentations, the eclectic artistic presentations, never compromising natural ingredients.

LBV Thai Dory CakeThai-Style Dory Fish Cake

Some favorites in the menu include Walnut and Herb-crusted Sole Fillet, Thai-style Fish Cake, Smoked Fish Putanesca, Sagada Orange Salad, Spiced Pumpkin Soup. The Arugula Davao Blue Salad and Tagaytay Farmed Vegetable Lasagna, Prawn Avocado & Prosciutto and Four-cheese Malagos Sandwich to name a few.

Last month, Chef Sau added more mouthwatering menu items. Here’s a sneak preview:

LBV Tawilis Salted Egg Mango SaladTawilis, Salted Egg with Sweet Sour Mango

Apahap Fillet with Buro MustasaApahap Fillet, Buro Mustasa

Aligue Spaghettini with Green MangoAligue Spagettini with green mango shreds

LBV White Oriental Mushroom LinguiniWhite Oriental Mushroom Linguini

The Masterminds

Chit Juan, Jeannie Javelosa and Reena Francisco, all food lovers, conceived the pioneering award-winning and popular green brand ECHOstore Sustainable Lifestyle, over a hearty meal. In their provincial journeys working and helping local communities, it was clear that the small producers and farmers had so much to offer: wholesome produce free of any pesticides and local artisanal food favorites made only in certain places. During their trips, the three friends were constantly on the look-out for the best places to eat and would dissect the local menus, and cook them at home. They conceived of the idea of bringing the produce of the farmers directly to the plate at a relaxed atmosphere that would once more inspire people to live and eat sustainably.

Le Bistro Vert is located in the central Makati business area of Salcedo Village. It is a refreshing place to come to for meals, as a break from the corporate rush. It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is open Mondays to Fridays 7am to 10pm and Saturdays from 7am to 3pm.

Ground Floor Fraser Tower Valero Street
Salcedo Village, Makati City
Telefax +632 403 1841
Contact Person: Angelo Torres, Manager


3 Responses to “Le Bistro Vert”
  1. alembong29 says:

    Great find! Will surely try LBV one of these days!
    The aligue spagettini looks reallllly yummy!
    Awesome site!
    I love pinoyorganics!!!
    Officially a fan!

    more please!

  2. RT says:

    I hope the herbs in the show garden grow a little faster otherwise it won’t even be enough for one serving of the puny (though tasty) salads. No wonder vegetarians are so lean ; )

  3. PinoyOrganics says:

    Chef Sau just planted his herb garden when we visited. We’ll visit and see how their garden is doing in 6 months.

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