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Higads Attack!

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We are at war!

For some reason, we experienced our worst ever “Higad Attack” since last week. At first, it was just about 4-5 higads a day. Yesterday afternoon, we were able to collect about two dozens in the span of six hours, not in our garden but inside our house!

What’s a higad? Higad is the caterpillar of the tussock moth. It is brown, hairy and if attacked, can cause an allergic reaction. If you are attacked or bitten by one, you can check these remedies from Dr. Abercio Rotor and The Cure Library.

higad in a 1L bottleHigads!

In search of an organic killer to these itchy pests, we called up two possible Higad-busters: Gil Carandang of Herbana Farms and Vic Cabral of PhilNature.

Gil gave us two options. One, he advised us to use Neemplus, Herbana’s own natural insecticide/pesticide made from neem. Two, simply ignore the higads since they will eventually complete their cycle and fly away soon. Oo nga naman, why not just let them be? The thing is, if they were in our garden and are not causing any harm to our plants, we won’t even touch them anymore. Unfortunately, they are hibernating inside our house and they are increasing in number every day.


Vic advised us to use their BioNim, an organic pesticide made of neem and other natural extracts. About 20-30 ml of BioNim is mixed with a liter of fresh, non-chlorinated water. If you’re not sure if your water is non-chlorinated, you can fill up a pail with your tap water and let it stand for 24 hours before mixing it with BioNim. Why? Chlorine kills the good bacteria in BioNim thus rendering it useless and/or ineffective as pesticide or for anything at that.

Neemplus and BioNim are made from natural ingredients with neem as the main active ingredient. Both seem effective but the only product we have right now is BioNim. We will keep you posted what happens next.

Are you experiencing a “Higad Attack” in your home and/or garden too? If yes, please share with us your higad story/remedy.


5 Responses to “Higads Attack!”
  1. PinoyOrganics says:

    Hi Diane. It is difficult to find Neem. We are ordering a box this week. Do you want to order a bottle? Bottle is about P400 + shipping. Please email us your name and shipping address, then we will email you back for payment instructions. Thanks.

  2. Hi. I would like to order the neem, that kills higad. we already ask the help of exterminator but i dont think the higad’s are keeping away. they are still in the ceiling. my mobile is 09176285292. tks

  3. jhoan viel says:

    dhil sa puno kaya kami madmi higad.. pumapsok na siya sa loob ng house.. anu pwede namin gawin?? thanks

  4. Sylvia says:

    Hi, I’m looking for a local source of neem oil, preferably raw, organic, cold pressed, pure neem oil. Have you found any suppliers? Can you please send me any links or contact info?

    Very nice site, I’m inspired (again) to try to eat healthier!

  5. PinoyOrganics says:

    Thank you for dropping by, Sylvia. We checked your blogsite and were “wow-ed” by your fantastic photos!

    Sorry but the only person I know who has neem oil is based in Palawan and my contact info about him is no longer valid. Will take note of your inquiry and will keep you posted as soon as I discover a supplier.

    Keep writing and taking photos!

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