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Kape Isla Farm Tour, Anyone?

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During the anniversary brunch of ECHOstore, Philippine coffee advocate Chit Juan casually invited us to join their upcoming Kape Isla Farm Tour. This morning, we were reminded about it when we saw Janet Toral’s Facebook status about the event.

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Why join this event?

LEARN. Visiting farms teaches us about the culture and products of our local farmers. For this particular trip, it would be a treat for us. For years, we have been drinking coffee from Batangas, Benguet, and other coffee-producing provinces in the Philippines but do we really know what’s the difference between arabica, robusta and excelsa?

There will be several stop-over during the tour. We look forward to:

  • Tour around the coffee farm to see seedlings, coffee flowers, coffee fruits, different kinds of coffee varieties;
  • See how green coffee or dried coffee cherries is brought to the mill for cleaning and sorting before being bagged prior to delivery to roasters, and;
  • See how coffee beans transform from being green to a nice golden brown or dark brown depending on the roast being processed.

The BEST part for us would be the chance to see many coffee plantations, pineapple and banana farms and vegetable farms along the way.

SHARE. We enjoy sharing with our readers whatever we experience when we travel, eat and find ways to live healthier one step, one day, at a time. Given a chance to join this tour, we would like to bring consumers closer to coffee farmers via an article with photos and/or video about it.

CHANGE. When we started Pinoy Organics, it was just a journal of information and experiences gathered from our day-to-day search for organic and natural products. We realized that as we continue doing it, lives are changed.

The Kape Isla Farm Tour is scheduled next Monday, October 4th, 8am til 6pm. For more information, you may get in touch with the Philippine Coffee Board or Kape Isla.

You may also join the free webinar on October 9th. Topics are “How To Put Up a Coffee Business” and “Choose Your Coffee Blend”.

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