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Agrilink 2011

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We make sure we don’t miss the annual Agrilink. It is a great event to keep ourselves updated with what’s happening in the agricultural industry, meet new friends and try new products.

Agrilink 2011-East West

Last Friday, we managed to squeeze in our busy schedule to drop by Agrilink 2011. This year, top of our must-see list was invitation by Sandy Celi of Spread Organic Agriculture in the Philippines (SOAP) for Perrine Collin‘s workshop, “Growing Kamote as an Alternative Staple”. We got a text that her workshop will be at 10am in Seminar Room C.

As we were looking for the seminar rooms, we spotted two booths selling open-pollinated (OP) seeds: Allied Botanical Corporation and East West. We bought some sprouting seeds as our next urban gardening project. 🙂

Agrilink 2011-Allied

We found the venue and as we were registering, the workshop was just about to start. We found one last seat in the front row which was perfect.

Agrilink 2011-Perrine Collins

Perrine is a Belgian agricultural engineer. She graduated from the Université Libre de Bruxelles in 2008 with a major in Tropical Agronomy. She is currently working as a Marketing Manager for Cabiokid Foundation, a permaculture farm in Nueva Ecija. She is particularly interested in sustainable development, desertification and development cooperation.

During the workshop, Perrine showed us that staring a “Kamote Tower” is both easy and inexpensive. All you need are 4-5 camote to germinate, a recyclable container such as old rubber tires, soil and a bit of space.

Agrilink 2011-Kamote Tower 2

The Kamote Tower is low maintenance and if done properly, may yield for you at least 40 kilos per tower!

Agrilink 2011-Perrine Collin

Perrine’s talk was followed by one of the best and most comprehensive and easy-to-understand presentation about sustainable organic and vermiculture by Pam Henares. The seminar room was packed and most of the attendees were farmers.

Agrilink 2011-Pam Henares

Pam is an organic farming advocate and currently the foremost resource speaker about Vermiculture in the Philippines. She has given presentations on this subject during the 2008 International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM ) World Congress held in Modena, Italy. She was also a resource speaker during the 2009 IFOAM Southeast Asian Conference in Kuching, Malaysia. She has travelled to most of the archipelago teaching the benefits of sustainable farming methods and the wonders of Vemiculture. A retired CEO of Riverside Medical Center, she holds a Masters Degree in Hospital Administration from the Ateneo de Manila University. She is married to Jose Henares, Sr. and currently resides in Bacolod City. Largely responsible for the technology research and development work of Buro Buro Springs Vermi Farm, she has attended various fora around the world on sustainable organic farming both as delegate and speaker. She is a member of the National Organic Agriculture Board (NOAB),  sits as a trustee of the Negros Island Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development Foundation (NISARD) and is also a consultant for GTZ, a German government cooperation agency with considerable presence in the Philippines. She has also represented the country in various conferences and trade missions around Asia, Europe and the Middle East for the organic agriculture sector.

Her 45-minute talk was remarkable. Here are some of our favorite slides which were taken during her presentation:

Agrilink 2011-Pam HenaresPrinciples of Organic Agriculture

Agrilink 2011-Organic vs Sustainable AgriOrganic vs. Sustainable Agriculture

After the two seminars, we were able to hurriedly scan the retail area for another fifteen minutes before our ride back to Makati arrived.

Agrilink 2011-Costales FarmsStraight from the farm – carrots from Costales

We were able to spot our partner farmers and producers from Costales Nature Farms, San Benito Farms, Melendres Farms and Milea.

Agrilink 2011-Milea

It was good to see (and chat) with Milea‘s Wonder Woman Edilee Omoyon and Goody-Kefir‘s Jeren Cabral. Edilee shared with us their new products which we will review soon.

We wished we had more time to visit all the booths but we had to leave around 3pm. It was good to see more and more people, especially farmers, interested to go organic and natural in their farms.

Agrilink 2011-renewables

We also spotted a booth on renewable energy targeting farmers as users. This is a good sign we Filipinos are slowly getting the idea that organics, natural and green should be our standard even in agriculture.

Agrilink 2011-That Green Thing

Can you guess what this green thing is? 13th comment with correct answer gets a prize. 🙂


6 Responses to “Agrilink 2011”
  1. gemma gongora says:

    Star fruit also known as carambola is a juicy tropical fruit that is grown throughout Southeast Asia. Star fruit is green when unripe; the fruit vary from pale yellow to deep amber when ripe. It has four to six strongly pointed ridges that run from top to bottom, and the soft flesh is encased in a thin waxy, translucent skin (which is eaten together with the flesh). When the fruit is cut crosswise each slice is shaped like a star, hence its named, “star fruit.”

  2. Nelson Guevara says:

    That’s a balimbing (Tagalog) or a star fruit (English).

  3. divinia l jaramillo says:

    iyan po ay balimbing na inihalintulad noon sa mga pulitiko na palipat lipat ng partido di malaman kung sino ang tunay na sinusuportahan.

  4. edilberto bayot says:

    balimbing in tagalog and bisaya , Star fruit in english . A good source of vit. C and fiber , Ca be eat fresh and preserved can be make into wine, vinegar , pickles. Plant 1 for you now ……..

  5. Joan Duenas says:

    When is agrilink this year?

  6. PinoyOrganics says:

    It’s next week – Oct. 4-6 at World Trade Center.

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